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details of wmd

THE NUCLEAR DIMENSION: Its Context in Confrontational politics of Pakistan

Paper No. 413           12.13.2002

by A. K.Verma

Chemical Warfare &Terrorism: the risks cannot be ignored

Paper No.412         08.02.2002

by Sangeeta Debashis

Nuclear Terrorism: Potential threats in the post cold war world

Paper No. 354                 05-11-2001

 by Dr. Rajesh Kumar Mishra

The terrorist acts describing the use of weapons of mass destruction (WMD) in fiction and Hollywood movies now look near real. Potential threats of nuclear terrorism will continue to remain unpredictable in incidence, asymmetric in nature and multidimensional in scope.  Today, different aspects associated with any possible future terrorist nuclear attack need timely attention to concertedly fight against this menace. 


Paper No. 347        25.10.2001


by B.Raman

Did the anthrax, now being used by unidentified elements to create panic and confusion in the US, go there from Pakistan?

There has been anxious, but muted speculation on this following the dissemination of two media reports, independent of each other, on October 24,2001.

Biological Weapons and Bio Terrorism: Bio terrorism is real and is here

Paper No.342           17.10.2001



by Sangeeta Debashis


Paper No. 290                  07.08.2001

by B. Raman

It is learnt that the Chinese-supplied Chashma nuclear power station in Pakistan, which was formally commissioned in May,2001,coinciding with the observance of the 50th anniversary of the Sino-Pak diplomatic relations after a trial run of nearly a year, has been closed down for the last few days.

US's missile defence: implications for South Asia

Paper No. 243     21.05.2001

by Rajesh Kumar Mishra

The recent proposal of President Bush has two components- arms reduction and missile defence (TMD & NMD)- India’s enthusiastic support is to the former and not to the latter.  This distinction has been overlooked by many analysts who are more concerned of India being out of step with other countries rather than looking into India’s national interests perse.  Director


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