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My Take on Hyderabad Blasts

Paper No. 5403                         Dated 21-Feb-2013

By B. Raman

Eleven persons are reported to have been killed and over 20 injured in two well-timed explosions in the Dilsukhnagar area of Hyderabad around 7  PM on February 21,2013.

2. Initial reports indicated that one of the improvised explosive devices had been placed in a cycle or motor-bike and the other inside a tiffin box.These reports are yet to be confirmed. The two blasts appear to have been well-timed and not remote-controlled.

Terrorist threat to India after Afzal Guru’s hanging


Paper No. 5396                                         Dated 15-Feb-2013

By Col. R. Hariharan

[This is an updated summary of comments made by Col Hariharan on some of the questions raised in a TV discussion on February 11, 2013.]

Question: After the hanging of Afzal Guru, curfew has been imposed in Jammu and Kashmir and the situation is volatile. Will there be retaliatory strikes from the terrorist groups in J and K?

Afzal Guru’s Execution: An Unfortunate Yardstick

Paper No. 5389                                        Dated 13-Feb-2013

By B. Raman

Afzal Guru's Execution:Possible Security Implications

Paper No. 5385                                      Dated 9-Feb-2013

By B.Raman

 The intelligence agencies would have examined in depth the likely security implications of the execution of Afzal Guru this morning for his involvement in the attack on the Indian Parliament in December,2001, and taken necessary precautions not only in Jammu and Kashmir, but also in the rest of India.

United States Global War on Terror: Exploding the Myths


Paper No. 5384                                          Dated 4-Feb-2013

By Dr Subhash Kapila

The United States “Global War on Terror” launched by the United States in the wake of 9/11 Islamist terrorists’ attacks on New York and Washington marked the first decade of the 21st Century and overwhelmingly determined United States strategic, foreign policy and political policy formulations, virtually to the exclusion of anything else.

Implications of French Intervention in Mali

Paper No. 5382                                     Dated 3-Feb-2013

By Kazi Anwarul Masud

France has finally intervened in Mali and French forces have removed the Islamists from the areas they had occupied previously. Both the Malians and the ousted government of Dioncounda Traore have welcomed the French troops and rejoiced over the defeat of the Islamists.

Cases of Headley & Rana: What Next?

Paper No. 5378                Dated 26-Jan-2013

By B.Raman


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