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MINORITISM: A promoter to Muslim separatism

Paper No. 474                                                   11/06/2002

by R.Upadhyay.


Paper No. 428                                20/03/2002

by Dr. Subhash Kapila

(The views expressed are those of the author)

In the dawning age of the third millennium, countries and communities all over the world are moving towards political and cultural progressivism.  It is an age which in keeping with the overall trend of globalisation is witnessing the elimination or blurring of political, social and cultural frontiers.

Iftar Party and Indian Polity: Secular Confusion ?

Paper No. 378                                               20/12/2001

by R.Upadhyay 


Paper No. 372                                                    10/12/2001

By R. Upadhyay 

"Islam is the best religion and Muslims are the worst followers". George Bernard Shaw quoted in Hindu, November 27, 2001. 

Liberalism in Islam: An issue for Indian Muslims to debate

Paper No. 364                                                16/11/2001

by R.Upadhyay

Muslim Fundamentalism in India: hostage to medieval concepts

Paper No.  351               31.10.2001

by R.Upadhyay 

'JIHAD': A testing time for Indian Muslims

Paper No. 340                15.10.2001


"According to Quran, Muslims have a duty to oppose those who reject Islam, by armed struggle if necessary, and Jihad has been invoked to justify both the expansion and defense of Islam" (Chamber Dictionary of World History) 


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