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Paris Carnage – The Outreach of Terrorism

Paper No. 6036                                  Dated 19-Nov-2015

By Bhaskar Roy

Paris, on November 13 evening, was nothing unusual.  A concert with an American band from California performing.  A friendly football match in the stadium between France and Germany.  And people in bars and cafeterias enjoying themselves.  Gay and Carefree Paris was impervious to a threat from Islamic State (IS) or Daesh, when all hell broke loose. 

Illegal Occupation of Southern Serbia – “Kosovo”

Paper No. 6000                                 Dated 03-Sept-2015

By Dr. Parasaran Rangarajan            

Serbia today is a member-State of United Nations (U.N.), after the Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia was split into several nations during the early 1990’s when war broke out between Serbian General Milosevic and neighboring nations. After partition, Serbia is still the most powerful “state” of the former Yugoslavia.

British Elections and thereafter

Paper N0. 5934                                   Dated 18-May-2015

Guest Column by Kazi Anwarul Masud

Political pundits are now dumbfounded. They predicted close elections between David Cameron and Ed Miliband.

Marines: An Over-Anxiety to Oblige The Italian Govt

Paper No. 5422                                                  Dated 13-Mar-2013

By B. Raman

An over-anxiety on the part of the Government of India to oblige the Italian Government on the issue of the two Italian Marines, who have been charged with killing two Kerala fishermen wrongly mistaking them for pirates in an incident that took place on February 15, 2012, has created suspicions in public mind on the bona fides of the Government of India.

France Strengthens Homeland Security Against African Al Qaeda

Paper No. 5359                                     Dated 13-Jan-2013

(To be read in continuation of my article of July 11,2012, titled “Spectre of A Neo Al Qaeda Haunts Africa” at


Paper no. 760                                                  12.08.2003


by B. Raman 



Paper No. 127                                   

by Dr. Subhash Kapila

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