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Tibetan Tragedy Continues


Paper No. 5244                                                           05-Oct-2012

By B. Raman

INDIAN OCEAN: Strategic Imperatives for India to Keep it Indian

Paper No. 5242                                                                        04-Oct-2012

By Dr Subhash Kapila

“The Indian Ocean is where the rivalry between the United States and China in the Pacific interlocks the regional rivalry between China and India and also with America’s fight against Islamic terrorism and the Middle East, which includes America’s attempt to contain Iran”----------  Robert Kaplan

Power Struggle in East Asia


Paper No. 5241                                                            03-Oct-2012

By Bhaskar Roy

The China-Japan conflict over the sovereignty of Diaoyu/Senkaku chain of islands in the East China Sea is almost over a month old now.  Such confrontations are not new.  But none before lasted so long. This time, the two countries clashed at the highest level.  Both have started gathering support from friendly countries to their point of view.  Neither side is willing to stand down even an inch.  Full military show of flag has come into play.

Can L’affaire Bo Turn into Le Cauchemar Bo?


Paper No. 5237                                                                  01-Oct-2012

By B. Raman

Can L’Affaire Bo Xinlai turn into Le Cauchemar (The Nightmare) Bo Xinlai?

2. That is the question increasingly worrying the outgoing leadership of the Communist Party of China (CPC) headed by Hu Jintao, which is to hand over to a new party leadership headed by Xi Jinping at the 18th Party Congress starting at  Beijing on November 8 next.

China’s Tryst with Media Tools of Statecraft - A Case Study of Border Dispute Resolution with India

Paper No. 5236                                                                 30-Sept-2012

Guest Column Dr. Sheo Nandan Pandey & Prof Hem Kusum


Cultural Roots of China’s Foreign Policy 


Paper No. 5235                                                                   30-Sept-2012

Guest Column by V. Suryanarayan 

Strategic Lessons from China-Japan Stand Off


Paper No. 5234                                                                                      30-Sept-2012

By Bhaskar Roy

There is a serious question whether the ongoing face off between China and Japan would determine the future of the Asia-Pacific Region (APR)?


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